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Music: Music Appreciation and CDs

A guide to library resources for the study of music, music appreciation, musical performance and other musical pursuits.

Browsing Sound Recordings

A growing collection of sound recordings on compact disc are available for out. Selections include classical recordings, OCR of musical theater classics, and a selection of recent Grammy-winning recordings from a variety of musical genres.

To browse the collection, look for the CD cabinets located on the second floor of the library, near the main staircase.
To search for a particular recording, search the library catalog by artist or title of the recording.  Use the Advanced Search option to limit your results to sound recordings.

Music Appreciation

Are you flummoxed by classical music?  Are you looking at hip-hop through baroque-colored glasses?  Headed to the symphony and don't want to embarass yourself in front of your companions?  Perhaps some of these resources will help you learn more about a musical genre that is new to you:

Subject Guide

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