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Anthropology: Articles/Database Access

A guide to resources for study and research in anthropology.

Journal vs. Magazine

Peer-reviewed (also referred to as scholarly) articles appear in academic or professional journals.  The term "peer-review" means that the content of each article is reviewed by a panel of experts for accuracy and authority prior to publication.  Common components of a scholarly article include author credentials, literature review, methodology (if a research article), findings (if a research article), conclusions and a reference bibliography.

Magazine articles often do not include a reference bibliography, and in some cases the author and credentials are not listed.  Without that type of information, it is difficult to verify the source.  For most research projects, your professors will expect you to use strong, verifiable sources that have undergone peer-review prior to publishing.

Take a look at our Introduction to Research page to understand how to critically evaluate sources, whether found online or in a subscribed database.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Looking for a book that is not in the library catalog?  The library will attempt to get a copy for you.

See the Library Resource LibGuide for more information on Interlibrary Loan policies and procedures.

Library Databases

Browse Current Periodicals

Browse the electronic holdings of the following titles through our E-journals A-Z List, as well as browse  the Current Periodicals section on the 2nd floor of library for related titles. Content is also accessible from the catalog. Relevant periodicals include:


American Anthropologist

American Ethnologist

Anthropological Quarterly

Anthropology & Medicine

Anthropology Now

Anthropology Today


Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History

Cultural Anthropology

Symbolic Interaction