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*Nursing Resources: Research

Guide to research and resources for nursing and allied health.

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Finding Qualitative Research

For an evidence-based filter search for Qualitative Research. Copy and Paste the entire section below and run a search in CINAHL. Then combine with AND these results with your search subject.

(MH "cluster sample+") or TX life experiences or TX human science or TX discourse* analysis or TX narrative analysis or TX lived experience* or TX field research or TX field studies or TX field study or TX giorgi* or TX husserl* or TX merleau ponty* or TX van kaam* or TX van manen* or TX spiegelberg* or TX colaizzi* or TX heidegger* or TX participant observ* or TX data saturat* or TX semiotics or TX heuristic or TX hermeneutic* or TX etic or TX emic or TX focus group* or TX purpos* sampl* or TX constant comparison or TX constant comparative or TX grounded research or TX grounded studies or TX grounded study or TX grounded theor* or TX phenomenol* or TX ethnon* or TX qualitative or (MH "ethnological research") or (MH "ethnography") or (MH "phenomenology") or (MH "focus groups") or (MH "discourse analysis") or (MH "theoretical sample") or (MH "field studies") or (MH "constant comparative method") or (MH "thematic analysis") or (MH "content analysis") or (MH "observational methods+") or (MH "purposive sample") or (MH "qualitative validity+") or (MH "grounded theory") or (MH “action research”) or (MH “naturalistic inquiry”) or (MH "ethnonursing research") or (MH "phenomenological research") or (MH "ethnographic research") or (MH "qualitative studies") or (MH "Interviews+") or (MH "Narratives") or (MH "Videorecording+") or (MH "Audiorecording") or (MH "Historical Records") 

Guideline Resources

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Looking for an article that is not available in a library database?  The library will attempt to get a copy for you.

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