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A guide to resources and research in liberal arts studies, to be used in conjunction with ENG 120, Introduction to English Studies.

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ENG 120 - Using this guide

Welcome to the LibGuide specifically created for students in ENG 120 - Introduction to English Studies.  In this guide you will find resources, recommendations and information useful for research in the liberal arts, specifically the study of books, authors and the written word. Scroll through the tabs at the top for different aspects and sources for your research.  

Interdisciplinary research

Research in the liberal arts often requires an interdisciplinary approach.  Often, literature is influenced by the time in which it was written, a particular event in history, or an alliance with a socio-political movement. 

Make note of any historical or political references in the work(s) you are researching.  Try searching for resources on those events, the information will help you better understand the context in which the work was produced, and help you better understand some of the references in the text. 

You might need to consult books on history, social movements, art or other disciplines when searching for information that pertains to a specific author or written work.  Be prepared to consult a wide variety of sources in your research.

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