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Library Resources at Marian University: Books, Journals & Databases

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Hackelmeier Memorial Library

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Books are located on the 1st floor, just off the main stairway.



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Welcome to Hackelmeier Memorial Library's Guide to Library Resources. Use this resource page for information on numerous topics related to library sources and services available to the Marian University community. Search below for full-text, electronic articles and physical items we have in the library.

Placing Holds

Beginning Fall 2015 users will now be able to place holds on books and media items from the catalog. From the library discovery catalog above, simply click the Place Hold button for items within other PALNI libraries. All that is required is to sign in with your MU credentials, click submit, and get ready for delivery of your materials. Once an item is ready for pick-up, an automatic confirmation email will be sent. Try it out with our self-paced guide

Doesn't this sound like Interlibrary Loan? Yes, it is similar but this service, called PALShare, is another way to get items delivered slight faster than ILL. Here's a chart breaking down the difference between the two services.



Looking for Databases? Search our list of discipline specific databases for content within your academic area.



If you're looking for specific e-journals, try our A-Z list as well as that available on our Browzine platform. You'll be able to find what titles we have, which databases they're located within, and the date-specific coverage of those titles.


My Library Account

To see due dates, renew, or check fines of what items one has on their library account, click the My Library Account link at the top right of the catalog and add your Marian University (webmail) credentials. 

Guide on the Side

In addition to our subject LibGuides, we've created some web-based tutorials to help users become more familiar with our resources. The Guide on the Side platform is a way to learn details about our databases, catalog, and other library resources provided to the Marian University community. These guides are browser-based, allowing for self-pacing and active learning of content. Not restricted to library resources, they can be used for retention and comprehension of course information. Guides include:

  • Library Catalog searching tips and strategies
  • Creating Holds (PALShare)
  • Searching Google scholar
  • Specific database familiarity
  • Using the EndNote citation manager
  • Accessing one's Library Account
  • Accessing library e-books

More guides are being developed to our platform, so check back frequently. Feel free to contact a librarian with any questions or comments. 

Journals: Print or Electronic?

Hackelmeier Memorial Library contains both print and electronic peridocals. Knowing the coverage of our holdings can be confusing, but here are some tips to better understand how we maintain our collection.

Sometimes we are limited by the publisher in the currency of certain electronic publications; not always the most current volume and issues are electronically available in full-text. This is called an embargo, or moving wall, whereby publishers set limits on access to encourage purchase of print publication.

Users then should search not only our E-journals A-Z list, but our catalog to determine whether we have access in print for content to which our databases don't provide access.

For example, using the ejournal A-Z list the journal Conservation Biology displays electronic access (from Ebsco's Academic Search Premier database) beginning in 1998, with the most current twelve months unavailable. Note however, that current issues in print are available on the second floor of the library in the periodical collection. 

Additionally, users can try our new Browzine Web platform to search and browse all DOI cataloged journals we have available electronically.  Mobile device users will be required to install the free app.