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**Medicine: OMS-1

Guide to research and resources for College of Osteopathic Medicine

OMS-1 Readings

MED 611 Scientific Foundations of Medicine

Required Texts

Suggested Readings:

SFoM Logical Fallacies/Critical Thinking Assignment Resources.

MED 612 - Essential Anatomy and Development

Required Texts

Strongly Recommended Texts:

Suggested Reading:

MED 615 - Introduction to Clinical Medicine

Required Texts

MED 616 - Osteopathic Principles & Practice (OPP1)

Required Texts:

MED 617 CPR Cardiopulmonary & Renal Systems

Required Texts
Recommended Texts: (Basic Science)
Recommended Texts: (Clinical Science)
Additional Resources:

MED 626 - Osteopathic Principles & Practice (OPP2)

Required Texts:
Recommended Texts

MED 627 NEMS Neuroscience, EENT, and Motor Systems

Required Texts:
Suggested Readings:
Alternate/Additional atlases:

Neuroanatomy websites:

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