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Mathematics : Reference Works

A guide for mathematics resources.

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Looking for a specific topic in Mathematics? Search our stacks according to the Library of Congress Classification System. All items are on the third floor of the library, divided into the following relevant sections which are marked below.

Alternatively, use the search box below to find call numbers for specific subjects. 

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QA1-939  Mathematics

QA1-43  General

QA101-(145)  Elementary mathematics. Arithmetic

QA150-272.5  Algebra

QA273-280  Probabilities.Mathematical statistics

QA299.6-433  Analysis

QA440-699  Geometry. Trigonometry.Topology

QA801-939  Analytic mechanics

QB1-991  Astronomy

QC1-999  Physics

QC1-75  General

QC81-114  Weights and measures

QC120-168.85  Descriptive & experimental mechanics

QC170-197  Atomic physics. Including molecular physics, relativity, quantum theory, and solid state physics

QC221-246  Acoustics. Sound

QC251-338.5  Heat

QC310.15-319  Thermodynamics

QC350-467  Optics. Light

QC450-467  Spectroscopy

QC474-496.9  Radiation physics (General)

QC501-766  Electricity and magnetism

QC793-793.5  Elementary particle physics

QC794.95-798  Radioactivity and radioactive substances

QC801-809  Geophysics. Cosmic physics

QC811-849  Geomagnetism

QC851-999  Meteorology. Climatology

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