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Foreign Languages: Internet Resources

Language Learning Communities

Online language learning community with over six million members. Users can connect with native speakers, take free basic language courses, and submit exercises for community review.

Free language-learning website and app. It offers over 50 different language courses across 23 languages
Another large online language learning community.

Word Reference Language Forums
Very active language discussion forums where native speakers respond to language learners' questions.
Online community for learning many different languages.

Language learning community and marketplace.

Conversation Exchange
Three types of language exchange: face-to-face conversation, correspondence, and text and voice chat.

World Langauge Lab

Marian users are allowed access to an Indianapolis Public Library card. With a card, you can access the World Language Lab which allows users to learn or brush up on Spanish, English (ESL), French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, German, Mandarin, or Russian with this fun and easy to use online resource.

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