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Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning: Students: Using ExamSoft

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ExamSoft SofTest-M

ExamSoft’s SofTest-M is the application used at MUCOM to administer secure exams using iPads.

SofTest-M locks down the iPad while a student is taking an exam so that neither the internet nor any other applications can be accessed.  Student responses are frequently auto-saved as the exam progresses thus ensuring that student data is never lost.  Functions that assist students during the exam process include:

  • Calculator
  • Self-set timers
  • Easy question navigation
  • Image attachments that can be zoomed in
  • Flagging of individual questions to revisit
  • Taking notes on individual questions
  • Providing feedback to faculty on individual questions

After an exam is completed, faculty review the written feedback provided by students in addition to detailed statistical analysis.  When final results of an exam are releasedView in a new window, students will be provided with a Strengths and Opportunities Report that shows areas of strength and areas for improvement in multiple categories.

To register your SofTest-M account, please refer to the SofTest-M Set Up and RegistrationView in a new window or watch the video.

SofTestM iPad Set Up and Registration Recording (Links to an external site.).

To see the process of downloading, taking and submitting an examination, watch the video.

SofTestM downloading and Taking an Examination (Links to an external site.).

If you experience any issues during registration or any part of the exam process, please refer to the Common Problems and SolutionsView in a new window document. Additional question or concerns about ExamSoft, SofTest-M and the examination process at MUCOM can be addressed to:

Wendy Senour
Coordinator of Examinations

SofTest M iPad setup

Downloading and Taking an Exam