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SWK 350 - Social Work Research and Assessment: Home

Searching and Sources

Searching the Catalog

The following is a list of potential key phrases and terms potentially useful for searching in our catalog:

  • At-Risk / Vulnerable / Underserved Populations
  • Loss / Death / Bereavement Support
  • Rural / Urban Social Work Practice
  • Social Exclusion
  • Addictive Behavior
  • Community assessment
  • Adolescents / Pediatrics / Children
  • Gerontology / Aged / Elderly populations
  • Narrative Social Work
  • Evidence-based Practice

Use these together in searches to limit or expand search results. Try searching with quotations to transform the keywords into a single phrase. Also, try searching subject-indexed searches like the following (copy and paste into the catalog search):

su:College students Mental health services

These are the results you get when you click on the subject headings in the description section of a record. Experiment with the AND/OR/NOT operators to refine results like the following.

Click on the Peer Reviewed option within the catalog to refine to scholarly, academic journal articles.

Searching Journals

Try using our Browzine Web feature to search for relevant journals, allowing users to browse articles specific to the publication theme. For example, search for the journal Journal of College Student Development. Users can change volume/issue and browse the articles for this publication.


Search our Resources

Welcome to Hackelmeier Memorial Library's Guide to Library Resources. Use this resource page for information on numerous topics related to library sources and services available to the Marian University community. Search below for full-text, electronic articles and physical items we have in the library.

Placing Holds

From the library discovery catalog above, perform a search and click the Place Hold button for physical items within other PALNI libraries. All that is required is to sign in with your MU credentials. Once an item is delivered and ready for pick-up, an automatic confirmation email will be sent. Try it out with our self-paced guide

Doesn't this sound like Interlibrary Loan? Yes, it is similar but this service, called PALShare, is another way to get items delivered slightly faster than ILL. Here's a chart breaking down the difference between the two services.


Looking for Databases? Search our list of discipline specific databases for content within your academic area.


If you're looking for specific e-journals, try our A-Z list as well as that available on our Browzine platform. You'll be able to find what titles we have, which databases they're located within, and the date-specific coverage of those titles.

My Library Account

To see due dates, renew, or check fines of what items one has on their library account, click the My Library Account link at the top right of the catalog and add your Marian University login credentials. 

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Looking for an article that is not available in a library database?  The library will attempt to get a copy for you.

Interlibrary Loan Request Form

See the library website for more information on Interlibrary Loan policies and procedures.


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