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ENG 237: Intro to Digital Humanities: Crossley: Books

A libguide for Intro to Digital Humanities class.

Subject Call Numbers

Library of Congres

The library's collection of physical books is organized by Library of Congress call numbers--a combination of letters and numbers that classify the book by its subject and ensures that books with similar subjects are near each other. The Library of Congress provides an in-depth list of the call number breakdowns here. Below are some call number categories and ranges you can browse, listed by subject. 

AZ: History of scholarship and learning, the humanities

B: Philosophy (general) 

BF: Psychology

BM-BR: Major world religions

D: History (general) Breakdowns by period here

H1-99: Social sciences (general) 

HN: Social history and conditions, social problems, social reform

HT: Communities, classes, races

M: Music

ML: Literature on music

N: Visual arts

NA: Architecture

ND: Painting

P: Philology, linguistics

PE: English language

PR: English literature

PS: American literature

Digital Humanities Texts

Humanities Subject Headings

Below is a list of useful subject headings when searching for materials related to aspects of the humanities, listed alphabetically. 

Digital media

Humanities--Computer network sources 

Humanities--Electronic information sources


Humanities--Study and teaching (higher)--Data processing

Humanities--Technological innovations