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Gender Studies: Online resources

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Blogs, News, and Online Magazines

  • Autostraddle: News, Entertainment, Opinion, Community, and Girl-On-Girl Culture.

  • Bitch Media: A feminist response to pop culture, run by the company that publishes Bitch Magazine.

  • Black Girl Dangerous: This blog seeks to amplify the voices and experiences of queer and trans* people of color.

  • The Body Is Not an Apology: Fosters global, radical, unapologetic self love which translates to radical human love and action in service toward a more just, equitable and compassionate world.

  • Bust Magazine: Women’s lifestyle magazine and website that is unique in its ability to connect with bright, cutting-edge, influential young women

  • Crunk Feminist Collective: A blog discussion among the hip hop generation of feminists of color.

  • Feminist Frequency: A feminist web series about pop culture.

  • Feminist Hulk Twitter

  • Feministing: An active online community of feminist bloggers.

  • For Harriet: An online community for women of African ancestry.

  • Guerilla Feminism: Seeks to facilitate feminist street activism and feminist digital activism around the globe.

  • Ill Doctrine: A hip hop video blog.

  • Imagining Ourselves: An online, dynamic, multilingual exhibition sponsored by the International Museum of Women exploring the question, "What Defines Your Generation of Women?"

  • The Kinfolk Kollective: Ramblings of a black woman hellbent on destroying white supremacy.

  • Racialicious: Race and pop culture blog.

  • Shakesville: Feminist Blog

  • Thoughts of an Angry Hijabi: Desi. Anti-Capitalist. Muslim Intersectional feminist blog.