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FYS Proctor: Where the Crossroads Meet: Books


Below are a few of the books held by Marian dealing with social justice and prominent advocates for justice that this class focuses on. You can find many more books on these topics by searching our catalog through the search bar on our homepage. For e-books that you can access on- and off-campus, see the Online Resources tab above.

Want something we don't have?

If you find a book through the catalog that looks helpful, but Marian University doesn't own it, don't worry! Simply request it through interlibrary loan (ILL). If you found the item in our catalog, you request it right there by clicking "Request Item Through Interlibrary Loan." Otherwise, you can request directly through your ILL account. If you need help setting up an ILL account, you can follow the account creation walkthrough that's linked on this ILL FAQ page.

Subject Call Numbers

Library of Congres

The library's collection of physical books is organized by Library of Congress call numbers--a combination of letters and numbers that classify the book by its subject and ensures that books with similar subjects are near each other. The Library of Congress provides an in-depth list of the call number breakdowns. Below are some call number categories and ranges you can browse in our collection, listed by subject. 

BR290-481 Christianity--History--Modern period

​BR1600-1609 Persecution. Martyrs 

BT1313-1480 History of specific doctrines and movements. Heresies and schisms 

BX800-4795 Catholic Church 

BX1790-1793 Catholic Church and the state

BX4650-4705 Biography and portraits

BX4650-4698 Collective

BX4654-4662 Saints and martyrs

BX4700-4705 Individual

BX4700 Saints

E184.5-185.98 Afro-Americans

E185.2-185.89 Status and development since emancipation

E185.96-185.98 Biography. Genealogy

HN1-995 Social history and conditions. Social problems. Social reform

HN30-39 The church and social problems