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FYS 110 O - When the West was Wild - Pierre Atlas: Books: Frontier Mythology and Selected Topics

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E75-99 - Indians of North America
E81-83 - Indian wars
E99 - Indian tribes and cultures
F590.3-596.3 - The West. Trans-Mississippi Region. Great Plains
F721-722 - Rocky Mountains. Yellowstone National Park
F726-740 - Montana
F741-755 - Idaho
F756-770 - Wyoming
F771-785 - Colorado
F786-790 - New Southwest. Colorado River, Canyon, and Valley
F791-805 - New Mexico
F806-820 - Arizona
F821-835 - Utah
F836-850 - Nevada
F852-854 - Pacific Northwest
F856-870 - California
F871-885 - Oregon
F886-900 - Washington
F901-951 - Alaska

Frontier Mythology and Symbolism