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Adding Library Resources to Canvas (for faculty moving courses online)

Faculty - Want to link directly to a library resource in Canvas? Check out these FAQs:

If I create a link from a campus computer, can I copy the URL (web address) straight into Canvas?

No. Most library resources require a prefix to be embedded within the URL. This prefix is important because it means that users off-site can access the resources easily.

To add a library resource to Canvas, copy and paste the URL prefix  to the front of the resource URL to format stable links to MU Library resources. This will allow for consistent off-campus access as well as secure campus authentication.

Some library databases will include our prefix information already in their stable links; others do not. Before copying a link from a library database, check to see if it is included in the URL. If it is, you can use this URL as your stable link.


If I create a link from an off-campus computer, can I copy the URL (web address) straight into Canvas?

No. If you have logged into Library resources from off-campus the URL (web address) that is created cannot be copied straight into Canvas. Contact a librarian and we can assist you with creating a usable correct link.


Contact a librarian if you have questions or need further assistance linking to a specific journal article / electronic book / book chapter / or other online content within Canvas. We are happy to help embed resources and resource guides directly to your courses.