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Guide to research and resources for College of Osteopathic Medicine

Database Setup

Tools are available to facilitate access to articles available through Marian library subscriptions.

LibKey Nomad will provide a link directly from a database to articles in the library's subscriptions. Google Scholar can be linked with the library catalog to provide direct access to articles.

The tabs above provide instructions for setting up these tools.

Off-campus (anywhere except the Indianapolis campus) access to library resources is provided through a proxy server.  To access them from home or some other off-campus location:

  1. Go to the library's web site or a LibGuide.
  2. Click on a database or e-journal resource.  A Marian University login page will display.
  3. Enter your Marian user name and password (ones used for your Marian e-mail account).  The system will connect to the resource.

If you have problems with off-campus access, make sure your browser software is up-to-date and able to accept cookies. Also, confirm that your network firewall settings allow access to the library’s web site.

LibKey Nomad is a browser add-on that facilitates access to articles available through Library subscriptions. It links our catalog to publisher web sites to show when the Library has a subscription and if not, to point you to other ways to access an article. And because it is a browser tool, you will know if an article is available before you have to log in.

Nomad can be downloaded from their Download page

Once LibKey Nomad is installed, you will be prompted to select an institution. Type marian in the box then click on Marian University to complete the process.


While Google Scholar has a familiar interface, is relatively simple to use and can be an excellent resource, there are certain limits to be aware of:

  • Google Scholar does not provide criteria for what constitutes "scholarly" results
  • The Advanced Search options are limited. There are not limits for:
    • Peer Reviewed
    • Full-text
    • Discipline (it is like searching all databases at once, there are more efficient ways to search)
  • Google Scholar does not provide notice of when materials are updated

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