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Library Policies - MUAC



The Gerald J. Ball Library maintains a collection to support the learning experiences of the students and the teaching and research activities of the faculty and staff of Marian University Ancilla College The primary focus of the collection is on materials that serve the curricula.

In order to support this mission, the Library houses approximately 20,000 print volumes as well as database subscriptions providing students online access to a variety of scholarly titles beyond the Library’s print collection.  Materials not held in the collection may be requested via the Library’s InterLibrary Loan Department free of charge.  A variety of study options are available in the Library including a group study space, and general areas for individual or group work. For Marian University Ancilla College affiliated users bringing mobile devices to the Library, wireless network access is available throughout the space.

Gerald J. Ball Library is staffed with highly trained, professional librarians available to assist students in their research endeavors and to instruct individuals or entire classes in the most effective and efficient research applications available in today’s academic library.  In person, email, and phone reference assistance is available to all MUAC students and faculty.

General Policies

Food and Drink

Drinks are allowed in the library.  A covered container must be used.

Patrons are liable for any damage to library property and equipment caused by food and drink.

Patrons are asked to leave a ‘no trace’ approach to their use of food and drink in the library.  Patrons are also asked to dispose of trash properly and be considerate of fellow students.

Tobacco Use

The use of tobacco products is prohibited on all of the Marian University Ancilla College of campus.

Alcohol Use

The use of alcohol in the library is prohibited.

Library Cards

Your MUAC ID Card is also your library card. An ID card can be obtained from IT located in room C107.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

The copyright protections that are normally associated with print also govern the use of audio, video, images, and text on the Internet. The intuitive interface of the Internet make it easy for the computer user to copy and use images, text, video and other graphics that are likely to be protected by copyright. A document may be copyrighted even if it does not explicitly state that it is copyrighted. Educators can avoid copyright violations and legally use copyrighted materials if they understand and comply with the fair use guidelines.

Lost and Found

Found Items

Found personal items may be turned in to the front desk of the library.  We will try to contact individuals when ownership is easily identified. 

Lost Items

A description of lost items and your contact information may be reported at the library desk; if an item matching the description is brought to us, you will be contacted.  You may be asked to describe an item and/or log in to found items such as laptops, cell phones, and other devices in order to prove ownership.


Mission Statement

The Gerald J. Ball Library serves the information needs of the Marian University Ancilla College community. The library provides equitable and open access to information in all formats and supports the teaching and learning needs of students, faculty, and staff in keeping with the Franciscan traditions of Marian University. As a dynamic intellectual center on campus, the library is a forward thinking organization actively embracing new technology, promoting information literacy, and supporting the intellectual endeavors of all users.

In accordance with this mission, the library strives to:

  • Embrace the mission of Marian University Ancilla College.
  • Actively protect the privacy of our users and users records.
  • Promote and support the integration of appropriate technology in teaching, learning, and research.
  • Systematically organize and maintain information resources in all appropriate formats.
  • Provide a welcoming intellectual environment for all users, in accordance with the Franciscan traditions of Marian University.
  • Actively share resources, in collaboration with other libraries, to ensure exceptional access to information sources in all formats.
  • Actively develop and support a diverse collection of resources in all appropriate formats, to support the intellectual, academic, and recreational needs of the Ancilla College of Marian University community.
  • Provide an intellectual and cultural center for the Marian University Ancilla College community, in both physical and virtual environments.