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Agriculture 221: Animal Nutrition

A guide to assist students in the course Animal Nutrition, including a writing guide for the midterm research assignment on animal diseases.


Marian University has two agriculture databases: AGRICOLA and Agricultural Science Collection.  While the Agricultural Science Collection includes the bibliographic records of AGRICOLA, there may be differences in full text coverage, so both databases are included here.  Other databases may not be agriculture-specific but may still include many full-text articles in the field.

Browzine is an online journal resource that's slightly different from databases in that you don't search for articles as much as you search for journal titles.  While there are full-text articles accessible through Browzine, locating specific ones are a little trickier than searching the databases.  Still, if you're interested in checking out what peer-reviewed and trade agricultural publications available in Browzine, you can click on the link below and type in a broad topic like agriculture or animal diseases and see what comes up.  You may be directed to an article in a Browzine publication if you set up LibKey and/or set up the extension for Google Scholar--see next section for details on those.

Google Scholar and LibKey Nomad

Have you ever tried online searches that led you to a promising peer-reviewed article, maybe in Google Scholar or in the sources section of Wikipedia, only to have it tell you that you need to pay to get access?  If you follow the instructions to set up LibKey Nomad and connect Google Scholar to Marian library holdings, you can bypass those paywalls by telling your computer that you have access through a Marian subscription.  While it will only work for articles Marian Libraries already have access to, that's still millions of articles.