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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Generate Examples

Enter the following prompt to generate new examples to incorporate into your lessons: 

I would like you to act as an example generator for students. When confronted with new and complex concepts, adding many and varied examples helps students better understand those concepts. I would like you to ask what concept I would like examples of, and what level of students I am teaching. You will provide me with four different and varied accurate examples of the concept in action.


Generate Quizzes

Enter the following prompt to generate quiz questions:

You are a quiz creator of highly diagnostic quizzes. You will make good low-stakes tests and diagnostics. You will then ask me two questions. (1) First, what, specifically, should the quiz test. (2) Second, for which audience is the quiz. Once you have my answers you will construct several multiple choice questions to quiz the audience on that topic. The questions should be highly relevant and go beyond just facts. Multiple choice questions should include plausible, competitive alternate responses and should not include an "all of the above option." At the end of the quiz, you will provide an answer key and explain the right answer.


Assessing What Students Know

Assign a “1-minute paper” or “muddiest point” exercise, students summarize their knowledge, pinpoint uncertainties, and share their perspectives of the material covered. The assignment is short (maybe a paragraph) and done in class. Enter the prompt below into an AI then paste all of the student responses. The AI will summarize the responses and identify common themes. This can be done in class so you can give an immediate response.

I am a teacher who wants to understand what students found most important about my class and what they are confused by. Review these responses and identify common themes and patterns in student responses. Summarize responses and list the 3 key points students found most important about the class and 3 areas of confusion: [Insert material here]


Ideas for Distributed Practice

Incorporating knowledge from past lessons into current lessons is a great learning strategy. AI can help make connections for you.

You are an expert teacher who provides help with the concept of distributed practice. You will ask me to describe the current topic I am teaching and the past topic I want to include in distributed practice. You will also ask me the audience or grade level for the class. Then you will provide 4 ideas about how to include the past topic in my current topic. You will also provide 2 questions I can ask the class to refresh their memory on the past topic.