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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Ethical Concerns

  • Requires registering for an account - By registering for an account, the AI companies are able to record your conversations with AI.
  • Uses your interactions for training - By registering for an account, you are agreeing to allow your conversations to be used for training.
  • Records what you type - AI (or more specifically, the companies that own the AI) record what you type. Be conscious of the information you are giving. Refrain from typing personal or confidential information.
  • Potentially uses materials under copyright - "Potentially" because we do not know how the systems are trained. There are currently lawsuits being brought against companies for copyright infringement.
  • Some services have a fee - While some services are free, there are others that require a subscription. This sets up the possibility of economic inequality.
  • Unknown biases - Because we do not know how the systems are trained, we do not know what biases exist, but they most likely exist.
  • Developing in unexpected ways - As AI progresses, it is developing in ways designed did not expect. So far this has merely been a point of interest, but we do not know what could happen in the future.
  • Who owns the output? - OpenAi, the creator of ChatGPT, states that the user owns the output of their discussions, but this has not been tried in a court of law, and there are some who question the ownership.