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WCOnline - Staff & Tutor Instructions

Appointment Basics

This section will deal with the basics of creating and looking up existing appointments that clients can create in the platform. 

The first thing to be aware of is the different views available to clients and staff.  Clients will use the "standard display" where they can view available disciplines/courses, tutors, and times available to select for a booking. 

The second view that staff will use is the calendar display, whereby Academic Commons staff can book appointments for clients if they are walk-ins or haven't yet registered. 

Viewing Appointments

If working the desk and assisting clients, staff should login in to WCOnline and switch to the Calendar display.  Do this by clicking the blue Area Tools button on the right and selecting "View Calendar Display".

Next, after being taken to the calendar view, users will see a list of tutors belonging to their assigned schedule along with their availability (see the Adding Staff Availability above). 

Also, there are three filters at the top that can be applied for desired staff, courses/disciplines, and meeting types. These will be useful when making appointments for walk-in clients.  

Time periods are are marked as dark blue indicate times for which they are not available, while times that are white are available for booking appointments.