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Poll Everywhere: Home

Welcome to the resource page for Poll Everywhere, Marian's audience polling tool.

What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is a program that allows instructors to poll and record participants' input using various methods. While PollEverywhere has a free account, Marian faculty can also request to be added to Marian's license to access the complete set of features and increased audience numbers. To submit that request email Blake using the contact info on the right.

Question Types

Choose from a large variety of poll activities, including multiple choice, open response, live word clouds, clickable images, up- and down-voting for Q&A, and rank order. Questions can be written in almost any language, and can include images, LaTeX syntax (for formulas), and emojis.

Participant Responses

Participants can respond using any device. They can go to a customizable web address or send a text message to participate. As the presenter, you control when responses are displayed on-screen. Poll Everywhere supports international use with response instructions in 30 languages, along with international texting numbers.

Viewing the Results

Customize the look and feel of the live chart with color, font, and image options. You can display live results from any web browser, or embed the live chart in your PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides deck.

Saving the Results

Poll Everywhere offers many types of reports for viewing the results of your audience participation. Click here to see their resources.

Using Poll Everywhere

Video Tutorials

Poll Everywhere offers seven basic prompt types for presenters to share with their audience:

  • Multiple Choice (participants choose from multiple options for the poll)
  • Word Cloud (participants submit text responses and the responses are organized into a word cloud with repeated responses getting bigger)
  • Q&A (participants can submit open-ended responses and others can up or downvote other user's submissions) 
  • Clickable Image (participants can drop pins on an image to signify their answer to the prompt)
  • Survey (participants can respond to a pre-built series of questions and submit according to their own pace)
  • Open-Ended (participants can submit longer responses to the prompt
  • Competition (Participants can compete with other users in this time-sensitive prompt)

PollEverywhere also offers respondents three options for submitting their responses:

  • SMS text message submissions
  • Web site submissions
  • Poll Everywhere mobile app submissions

Point of Contact

Blake Ide
Lead Educational Technologist
Schedule a Meeting
(317) 399-4728
Hackelmeier Memorial Library