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Poll Everywhere

Welcome to the resource page for Poll Everywhere, Marian's audience polling tool.

Question Types

Poll Everywhere offers seven basic prompt types for presenters to share with their audience:

  • Multiple Choice (participants choose from multiple options for the poll)
  • Word Cloud (participants submit text responses and the responses are organized into a word cloud with repeated responses getting bigger)
  • Q&A (participants can submit open-ended responses and others can up or downvote other user's submissions) 
  • Clickable Image (participants can drop pins on an image to signify their answer to the prompt)
  • Survey (participants can respond to a pre-built series of questions and submit according to their own pace)
  • Open-Ended (participants can submit longer responses to the prompt
  • Competition (Participants can compete with other users in this time-sensitive prompt)

PollEverywhere also offers respondents three options for submitting their responses:

  • SMS text message submissions
  • Web site submissions
  • Poll Everywhere mobile app submissions