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Submit a Student Concern or Commendation Form

Link ( MU-COM Student Concern Form

The Student Success Team (SST) supports the academic and professional achievement of MU-COM students through providing timely outreach and response to students in need of assistance. The SST works to identify students who are struggling personally, professionally, and/or academically and connect them to the appropriate university or community resource.  This form provides faculty, staff, and administration an efficient way to refer students to the success team.  Faculty do not need to disclose to the student that they are referring him/her to the team (but can if they choose). Be aware that in order to be effective, the Student Success Team will not disclose  information gathered in their outreach process. 

Please note that MU-COM submissions regarding academic dishonesty and/or a breach of professionalism will be referred to the Student Promotion and Academic Progress Committee (SPAPC).


Link  ( MU-COM Student Commendation Form

The MU-COM Student Commendation Form is designed to provide faculty and staff the opportunity to submit commendations for students. All commendations submitted are filed for the Dean of MU-COM to review when preparing the Dean's letter for Residency Programs.  Commendation information is also available for faculty completing recommendation letters for students. For more information or to obtain information on a student, please contact Clint Whitson at