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Faculty Teaching and Learning Resources

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Assessment of Learning Outcomes

1. This primer provides general information and guidance related to goals, objectives, and outcomes at the course level:

COM Assessment Primer - Learning Outcomes.docxView in a new window


2. We use Bloom's taxonomy to develop learning outcomes for each course. These documents provide helpful action verbs to use when writing learning outcomes: 

Blooms Taxonomy Action Verbs.pdfView in a new window

Blooms Taxonomy - collapsed sections.pdfView in a new window


3. This grid can serve as a guide when planning and articulating the learning outcomes for your course: 

Planning for Assessment at MU-COM.docxView in a new window


NBOME Competencies

NBOME Competencies.xlsxView in a new window


NBME U Assessment Course

This is a free online course with wonderful resources (Links to an external site.)

You must create a free account to access the course.


Using Rubrics for Assessment

Constructing a Rubric

Please contact Sarah Zahl if you have questions regarding the design and/or implementation of rubrics in your course.


Classroom Assessment Techniques

Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) are formative assessment methods that can help you understand the degree to which students comprehend the course content. CATs can also help you evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching methods. Most CATs are easy to use and take only a few minutes of class time. 


This document provides a brief description of 50 useful CATs (organized by assessment type):

Classroom Assessment Techniques - Angelo & Cross.pdfView in a new window


General Assessment Resources

Hutchings - What New Faculty Need to Know About Assessment.pdfView in a new window


Curriculum Mapping

This is a narrated Power Point presentation that describes curriculum mapping in COM: (Links to an external site.)