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Election: Voting

A guide to election and voter registration information.

Registering to Vote

► First:

Are you already registered to vote? Don't Remember? Double check. 

Confirm Indiana Voter Registration:​

Confirm Voter Registration if you are not from Indiana: 

► Next:

 If you ARE registered: 

Information about your polling location, who is on the ballot, etc. should be available to you after your registration is confirmed (for more resources see the boxes below)

If you are NOT registered:

You must decide if you are going to register using the address where you live when you are at school OR the address where you live when you are NOT at school. 


Indiana Resident

If you are an Indiana Resident:

You can register to vote 3 different ways: 

1. Fill out a registration form and mail to your county registration office 

2. Fill out registration form and bring in person to your county registration office

3. Submit registration form online or through the app

You can download the IN.GOV App on your phone through the App Store or Google Play  

Not an Indiana Resident

If you are not an Indiana Resident:

You can find information about absentee voting guidelines, absentee voting forms, registration deadlines, polling locations, etc. using the following websites: 

Register Where You Go to School

Both  Indiana residents and non-Indiana residents, as college students, have two options when it come to registering to vote: 

College students may only register at one of two places:

1. The address where they live while attending school OR
2. The address where they live while not attending school


If you are NOT an Indiana Resident, but want to register to vote at your school address, your form must be submitted via mail. If you ARE an Indiana Resident, you can register online.

Learn more about registering to vote as a college student in Indiana