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National Library of Medicine Exhibitions: Fall 2018

The Exhibition Program at the National Library of Medicine strives to promote greater understanding and awareness of how the past informs the present and can shape the future.

About the Exhibition

"Nurses and nursing have been the frequent subjects of postcards. Pictures of Nursing: the Zwerdling Postcard Collection examines how these postcard images are informed by cultural values; ideas about women, men, and work; and by attitudes toward class, race, and national differences. Pictures of Nursing presents a selection of historic postcards from NLM’s recently-acquired Zwerdling postcard collection, spanning a century of nursing imagery. Pictures of Nursing investigates the hold these images exert on the public imagination—then and now."

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Pictures of Nursing: Zwerdling Postcard Collection

(November 19, 2018 - January 5, 2019)