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First Year Seminar 110 - Where Am I Wearing?: Sisters of Saint Francis

Marian University's Franciscan Values

Franciscan Sponsorship Values, Informed by Prayer

"The Sisters of Saint Francis, Oldenburg, view education as a journey of a lifetime and, in the same way that Saint Francis did, we believe it is a personal journey full of human interactions and relationships. We are called to make a difference in our world and to follow Jesus' call to 'Rebuild My Church'" ("Franciscan Sponsorship Values"). 

Oral Histories from MUShare

Oral Histories, Sisters of Saint Francis, Oldenburg

This project is a collection of oral histories delivered by numerous Sisters of Saint Francis. While discussing their own personal histories, they also provide a deep and genuine insight of life and service “in community,” at their convent in Oldenburg, Indiana. The goal of this collection is to preserve their legacy so that it may be applied across curriculums that include models of leadership, service, and international relations. 

  • What are some of the ways the author of Where Am I Wearing? is attempting to assist those in need?

  • How have the Sisters of Saint Francis, Oldenburg worked to help others in the world? 

  • How might Marian University students help to "Rebuild" the world through applying Franciscan Values?

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Our Franciscan Heritage

   For More Information about Marian University's Franciscan Heritage see the Franciscan Heritage Booklet