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FYS 110 - Musical Theatre: The Golden Age - Phil Kern

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Welcome to the FYS110 Where Am I Wearing? course guide. This guide contains resources to supplement the common reader content including selected books, databases, and websites. For information on this section's themes, navigate to the selected resources tabs.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with your research, please check our FAQs or contact a member of our library staff.


Useful keywords from Where Am I Wearing? to search in in the catalog:

  • Capitalization / Capitalism
  • Child Labor
  • Communism
  • "Conscientious Consumerism"
  • "Consumer Behavior"
  • "Corporate Social Responsibility"
  • "Ethical Consumption"
  • Family
  • "Fair Trade"
  • "Fast Fashion"
  • Free Trade
  • Globalism / Globalization
  • Glocalism
  • "Green Consumerism" / "Green Labeling"
  • "Income Inequality"
  • Industrialization
  • "Living Wage"
  • Relocation / Family Separation
  • "Slave Labor"
  • "Sustainable Consumption"
  • Sweatshops
  • Urban versus Rural Working Environments
  • "Universal Basic Income"

For more information and resources on the Common Reader, Where am I Wearing, see the FYS 110 guide for this work.