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ENG 237: Intro to Digital Humanities: Crossley: Home

A libguide for Intro to Digital Humanities class.

Get Better Search Results

To broaden search, use OR.
This will retrieve results that have either of your search terms.
Ex. Classical OR Romantic

To narrow search, use AND.
This will retrieve results that have both of your search terms. 
Ex. Picasso AND cubism

Use " " to search for terms together, and not separately.
Ex. "Roman Catholic"

Use * to search for multiple endings to words all at once.
Ex. searching theat* will retrieve theatre, theater, theatrical, etc.


Welcome to Intro to Digital Humanities.

Above you'll find tabs for a variety of resource types and research help.

If you're ever stuck or need assistance, don't hesitate to email me or any of your other Marian librarians. We're here to help!

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