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Wall Street Journal Registration

All Marian University students, faculty, and staff will have online access to The Wall Street Journal! Utilize the below Marian University WSJ Access Registration link to get started.

WSJ registration is a one-time thing.  Access via will use your Marian credentials, and access via or the WSJ app will be with the username and password you created during the registration process.

WSJ Access FAQs

If you already have a personal paid WSJ account, you can contact customer service (1-800-JOURNAL [1-800-568-7625] or to cancel your personal account. When you register through Marian, be sure to use the same email that you used for your personal account before, and it will link up to your Marian access with all your saved articles from when your paid account.

Students will input their graduation year upon registering. If the year you provided changes in the future, simply contact WSJ customer service (1-800-JOURNAL [1-800-568-7625] or email for assistance.

Faculty and staff will receive a yearly email where they can verify their employment with the university in order to continue access.