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Mission and Overview

The mission of Marian University Library Archives is to collect, arrange, store, preserve, and make accessible to administrators, staff, faculty, alumni, students, and other qualified researchers print, visual, and other materials relating to the history and operations of Marian College and Marian University. 

Archival arrangement is different from that of a library. Ordinarily, archives are arranged according to their place of origin: e.g., the President’s Office, the History Department, etc., rather than topically. Although some materials in the archives are arranged by topic, do not expect to find everything related to any topic in a single location, such as a single box or file. Not all materials in the archives have been fully arranged or organized yet, and many photos remain unidentified. Ask the archivist for any assistance, if necessary.


Scheduling a visit to the archives

Access to the Marian University Archives is by appointment only. Contact to schedule your visit.

Please refer to the library's hours of operations when planning your visit.
Access to archives will be limited to: Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:00 pm.

Marian College in Photographs