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Academic Writer (APA Academic Writer)

Writing Center

Your choices on the Writing Center tab are to Start a New Paper or Work on a Saved Paper.

Starting a New Paper

1. For a new paper, you can select a preformatted template or select Basic Paper.

Picture of select a template screen

2. Once you start a paper or access a paper you have previously started the Research Tools are available.

Screen shot of menu options for writing a paper in Academic Writer

  • Research Lab Book
    • Develop My Research Idea
    • Plan and Track My Research
    • Describe My Tests and Measures
    • Track the Flow of Participants
  • Write (NOTE: These options will change for different types of papers)
    • Introduction
    • Method
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • References
    • Tables
    • Figures
    • Appendices
  • Check
    • Check Headings Order
    • Check Orphan Headings
    • Check References
    • Match Reference Citations
    • Match Table Callouts
    • Match Figure Callouts
  • Settings
    • Font and Line Spacing
    • Page Layout
  • Export
    • Email
    • Download

Work on a Saved Paper

1. The writing toolbar is very similar to Microsoft Word

Screen shot of Academic Writer's word processing toolbar


2. To add in-text citations, reference list citations, tables, figures, etc. select Insert and choose from the dropdown menu.

Screen shot showing insert options such as adding footnotes, tables, figures, etc.

3. Academic Writer auto-saves your work.