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Library Policies: Mission


Mission Statement

The Mother Theresa Hackelmeier Memorial Library serves the information needs of the Marian University community. The library provides equitable and open access to information in all formats and supports the teaching and learning needs of students, faculty, and staff in keeping with the Franciscan traditions of Marian University. As a dynamic intellectual center on campus, the library is a forward thinking organization actively embracing new technology, promoting information literacy, and supporting the intellectual endeavors of all users.

In accordance with this mission, the library strives to:

  • Embrace the mission of Marian University.
  • Actively protect the privacy of our users and users records.
  • Promote and support the integration of appropriate technology in teaching, learning, and research.
  • Systematically organize and maintain information resources in all appropriate formats.
  • Provide a welcoming intellectual environment for all users, in accordance with the Franciscan traditions of Marian University.
  • Actively share resources, in collaboration with other libraries, to ensure exceptional access to information sources in all formats.
  • Actively develop and support a diverse collection of resources in all appropriate formats, to support the intellectual, academic, and recreational needs of the Marian University community.
  • Provide an intellectual and cultural center for the Marian University community, in both physical and virtual environments.