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EndNote Web - Hackelmeier Memorial Library

Manage your citations using Endnote Web when searching Hackelmeier Memorial Library databases.

Searching Library Catalogs in EndNote Web

Click here for a tutorial describing the steps to search other library catalogs from within EndNote Web's interface (under the "Collect" tab and "Online Search" link). Users can search other participating library catalogs from around the world within the EndNote interface. Results can then be immediately saved to one's citation library.

For this guide, concentration is placed on importing citations from the library catalog and library databases.

Help Using EndNote Web

If assistance is needed, users are encouraged to contact a librarian with questions regarding access and manipulation of their citations. In addition, the link below provides detailed information on all aspects of EndNote Web.

Importing References

There are several ways to import references into EndNote Web. Users can search various library catalogs from within EndNote Web itself. Using Marian University Library's catalog, users can perform searches, mark records and directly import them into EndNote Web. Thirdly, users can search databases, particularly Ebsco, and directly export citations into EndNote Web. Other databases will generate RIS text files that can be imported into EndNote, thus directly into a subfolder of one's choice. 

From the Catalog

When searching the library catalog, users can flag records by clicking on the star next to the title and format type. The highlighted star will appear orange. Next, when clicking upon the "e-shelf" link at the top of the catalog, one will be brought to a basket of citations, containing a drop-down on the far right of the page. Select the "Push to EndNote" option, click "GO" and all selected citations will be exported to EndNote Web. 

From Ebsco Databases

When searching an Ebsco Database like Academic Search Premier, citations can be exported in a similar fashion. Perform a search in the database, selecting numerous citations if desired and then after selecting the "Go to Folder View" option on the right of the results page, click the "Export" link on the right of the page. Click on the ". Citations will be brought directly to the EndNote Web page. 

Importing Text Files into EndNote

An alternative way to import citations is to save those citations from a database (EBSCO, JSTOR, etc.) into an RIS text format and them directly import them into EndNote Web. The steps include:

  1. Perform your search in selected database.
  2. Mark your citations.
  3. Export citations into a file.
  4. Import them via EndNote Web's "Import References" link under the Collect tab; Select the the file, appropriate import options (database) and To drop-downs.

Citations will then be assigned to your citation library. Below is an example of this process.