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Library Resources at Marian University

Accessing Journals: Print and Electronic

Hackelmeier Memorial Library contains numerous print and electronic periodicals, and knowing the coverage of our holdings can get confusing. However, here are some tips to better understand how we maintain our collection.

Searching our complete E-journals A-Z list will display whether we have access to a journal in print or electronically. 

Additionally, users can try our Browzine Web platform to search and browse journals we have available electronically.  This is not a complete listing of journals, but it does provide a snapshot of all DOI cataloged journals we have available, according to subject or searchable by title. Mobile device users will be required to install the free app.

Content Embargoes

Sometimes we are limited by the publisher in the currency of certain electronic publications; not always the most current volume and issues are electronically available in full-text. This is called an embargo, or moving wall, whereby publishers set limits on access to encourage purchase of print publication. Use the listed coverage in the A-Z or Browzine lists to determine the years of access.

For example, using the E-journal A-Z list the journal Conservation Biology displays electronic access (from Ebsco's Academic Search Premier database) beginning in 1998, with the most current twelve months unavailable. Note however, that current issues in print are available on the second floor of the library in the periodical collection.