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Library Policies - MUAC


A copier/printer is available in the library. The printer produces color and black/white documents.

Students: Printing is available from the computer lab computers. Once you send your document to the printer, login with your MU credentials and select "Release Print Jobs." Your PaperCut account is not charged until you release your print job.

PaperCut: All students have a PaperCut account to pay for their printing. Funds for your account may be replenished by visiting the PaperCut website.

Loan Periods, Limits, & Fines

As of August 1, 2020, The Library no longer charges overdue fines for books. When a book is 14 days overdue, a replacement fee will be assessed which must be paid (or the item returned) before additional items can be borrowed. The replacement fee can be reversed if the item is returned within 3 months of payment for the lost item.

The Library will add fees to a user’s student account. Students must pay all costs associated with lost items in full before any additional items can be checked out.



60 days

DVDs, CDs, Board Games

14 days


7 days


3 hours

Flip Cams and tripods

3 days

Virtual Reality - stationary* 

Items include: 

  • Headset

  • 2 Controllers

* Items must stay in library and set up by library staff member

3 hours
Laptop 24 hours
Course reserves 2 hrs, 3 hrs, 24 hrs

Faculty and staff


End of semester

DVDs, CDs, Board Games

14 days


7 days

Flip Cams and tripods

3 days

Virtual Reality - classroom* 

* Items checkout must be arranged with a librarian. Instructions for reservation found at

with librarian


Lost Library Items

With an item loaned to a user's account, email notifications will be sent to the user in several phases. The first phase will indicate the item's upcoming due date, the second indicates the arrival of the due date, the third will indicate that an item is overdue, and the fourth will indicate that the loaned item has been deemed lost.

In the event that items are declared "lost", library staff will assess replacement fees attributed to the user. First, staff will verify if the item has been returned. If the item is still missing from the shelves, staff will contact the user through their Marian email accounts. If the user is a student, replacement charges will be placed on their Business Office Account. If the user is a faculty or staff member, library staff will contact the user and assess replacement fees with their department if the item remains unreturned. For items that remain unreturned, the options for students are as follows: 

  • Return the item: replacement fee is waived.
  • Pay replacement fee of the item at the Business Office.
  • Purchase a replacement for addition to the library collection. Note: consultation with library staff is necessary prior to replacement purchase.  

Replacement fees for laptops determined by IT department. 

Note: If a user loses a PALShare item (item borrowed from our consortium partner), the library will be charged a flat $75 fee for replacement (regardless of format), which will then be forwarded on to the user to recover costs.

It is highly encouraged that students first consult the library when reconciling items marked as lost. Students are ultimately responsible for the return of their library materials and payment for any unreturned, damaged, or lost library materials.

ALI Library Reciprocal Borrowing Program

Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) Reciprocal Borrowing Program


  • The Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) agree to extend in-person borrowing privileges to faculty, staff, and students of member institutions. This is a cooperative onsite borrowing agreement among the participating members of ALI.
  • To participate, the borrower needs a signed ALI Borrowers Card from the home institution library, campus identification, and a photo ID with a current address, such as a driver's license.

Eligibility: Faculty, Staff, Students

  • Currently employed faculty, staff and currently enrolled students in good standing may be granted borrowing privileges at participating libraries by obtaining a signed ALI Borrowers Card from the home library. The home library has final authority to issue or deny this privilege and determines the expiration date on the ALI Borrowers Card. (Marian University--one year from date of issue, or June 30th of the calendar year)
  • The library staff member issuing the ALI Borrowers Card will verify eligibility and make certain that the borrower's home library account is not delinquent.

Instructions for Marian Students, Faculty and Staff

Materials Available for Onsite Loan

  • Borrowing privileges are determined by each lending (host) library which may provide shorter or different loan periods from those available at the individual's home library. Other restrictions may also apply.

Borrower Responsibilities

  • Borrowers are subject to the rules and regulations of the lending library and are responsible for knowing and observing these rules.
  • Borrowers must present the lending library with a valid, current ALI Borrowers Card issued by the home institution, campus identification, and a photo ID with a current address. Some lending libraries may issue an additional borrowers card.
  • Borrowers are responsible for the safe and timely return of materials to the lending library. Borrowers may return items via their home institution's INFO Express courier service, but they are responsible for any overdue charges incurred.
  • Borrowers should report lost or damaged materials to the library from which the item was borrowed.
  • Borrowers are responsible for all financial obligations incurred at the lending library. Failure to receive notification does not absolve borrowers of library obligations.
  • Borrowers are responsible for supplying a current mailing address to the lending library.


Last Reviewed: 08/2021

Course Reserves

Course reserves are a way to have relevant texts available to students for a limited amount of time. These can include library copies of books or DVDs and faculty-owned material. While the library does not actively purchase textbooks for our collection, this can be a cost effective solution for some students. We cannot put items borrowed from other institutions on reserve. 

How to put items on course reserve

  1. Bring items to the library front desk. If it is something the library already owns, contact a staff member and we can pull the item for you.
  2. Fill out a form indicating course name and number as well as how long it can be checked out for. Options include:
    • 2 Hours
    • 3 Hours
    • 24 Hours
    • 7 Days
  3. Determine if you would like the item to be on reserve for that semester, the academic year, or if you use it every semester, we can leave it on indefinitely.