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ENG 112: Writing and Community

A guide with resources and information to support ENG 112.

What is Libkey Nomad

Avoid Paywalls! Accelerate your research! Access Millions of articles from home or campus!

  • Check out this video.
  • LibKey Nomad automatically provides instant links to articles from journals subscribed to by your library .
  • LibKey Nomad works with your library to determine the fastest path to content across thousands of publishers and millions of articles.
  • LibKey Nomad also adds in-line enhancements to popular sites like PubMed, Wikipedia, Scopus, Web of Science and more.
  • After installation, LibKey Nomad prompts you to select your institution. Simply select it and LibKey Nomad will then notify you of available articles wherever you may roam. 

Libkey Nomad Chrome, Firefox, Safari Extension

LibKey Nomad automatically provides instant links to full text content for article subscribed to by your library - or open access alternatives - as you do research on the web.