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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Articles on AI

Faculty: Your Classes Must Change. Here's Your Five Step AI Action Plan for Fall by Inara Schott, J.D. August 2, 2023. Linkedin

Did a Fourth Grader Write This? Or the New Chatbot by Claire Cain Miller, Adam Playford, Lary Buchanan and Aaron Krolik. December 26, 2022. New York Times

Watch an A.I. Learn to Write by Reading Nothing But... by Aatish Bhatia. April 27, 2023. New York Times

ChatGPT is a Smart Drunk Intern: 3 examples by Punya Mishra. July 26, 2023.

Caught off Guard by AI: Professors scrambled to react to ChatGPT this spring - and started planning for the fall  by Beth McMurtrie and Beckie Supiano. June 13, 2023. Chronicle of Higher Education (Sign in to The Chronicle of Higher Education with your Marian credentials.)

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Business Related Articles

Using GPT for Market Research by James Brand, Ayelet Israeli, Donald Ngwe. July 2023. SSRN

Large Language Models as Simulated Economic Agents: What Can We Learn from Homo Silicus? by John Horton. January 2023. arxiv

Humanities Related Articles

Medical Related Articles

Comparing Physician and Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Responses to Patient Questions Posted to a Public Social Meia Forum by John W. Ayers, Adam Poliak, Mark Dredze. April 2023. JAMA Network

Incorporating AI Tools into Medical Education: Harnessing the Benefits fo ChatGPT and Dall-E by Muhammad Miftahul Amri, Urfa Khairatun Hisan. April 2023. Journal of Novel Engineering Science and Technology

Doctors are Turning Medical Generative AI into a Booming Business by Ashley Capoot. March 2024.

Clinical Reasoning of a Generative Artificial Intelligence Model Compared With Physicians by Stephanie Cabral, Daniel Restrepo, Zahir Kanjee, Philip Wilson, Byron Crowe, Raja-Elie Abdulnour, Adam Rodman. JAMA Internal Medicine, April 2024

AI in Education

AI Detection is a Business. But Should it Be Faculty Business? by Jose Antonio Bowen and C. Edward Watson. May, 2, 2024. The Chronicle of Higher Education.

ChatGPT Has Changed Teaching. Our Readers Tell Us How by Beth McMurtrie and Beckie Supiano. December 11, 2023. The Chronicle of Higher Education

Embracing AI in the Classroom: ChatGPT, and Enriching Learning Tool by Jack D. June 24, 2023. Ecmtutors

Why There is No Place for 'Prompt' Talk in My Classroom by Jack D. October 15, 2023. Ecmtutors