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Welcome to the resource page for ScreenPal, one of Marian's video creation and hosting platforms.

What is ScreenPal?

ScreenPal is a tool you can use to record your computer screen. You can also choose whether to record a voiceover and/or a webcam. After recording ScreenPal also offers one of the best selections of editing tools available. Finally, you can then choose to save your videos to your computer or to upload them to be hosted on ScreenPal’s servers (which allows you to embed them on webpages or provide links to share with others so they can view your ScreenPal content). Also, the ScreenPal app offers a really good screenshot function and the ability to edit those screenshots using ScreenPal’s exceptional editing tools.

Regular users of ScreenPal can create 15-minute videos using a free ScreenPal account. Marian faculty can use their Marian accounts to join the MU license which removes the time limit and allows you to show linked videos on a Marian-branded website. For now, this service is only offered for faculty and staff with Marian credentials but if students would like to use something similar, they can use Yuja to make similar recordings (although Yuja does not offer the robust editing features of ScreenPal). Here is an article on how students can use Yuja.

Point of Contact

Blake Ide
Lead Educational Technologist
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(317) 399-4728
Hackelmeier Memorial Library