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MU-COM Clinical Faculty: Library Portal

Welcome MU-COM Clinical Faculty

Library Services - Electronic Access

In support of your service as Clinical Faculty status for MU-COM, we are pleased to offer access to library services (reference and article requests) along with a portion of our electronic library. Access to Up-To-Date is NOT permitted via our license.

 We have a lot of electronic content that can be made available to you, supporting our educational curriculum. We have over 1,000 e-books and 1,000 e-journals available to you to aid teaching students in your office, clinic or hospital.

Library Services - Reference/Literature Assistance

If you do not have library services with your current employer/affiliation, I will be happy to assist with literature searches (2 per month) and interlibrary loan requests. (5 articles per week)

MU-COM Preceptors requesting electronic access

Access we offer...

1.  The most common and easiest way access method is via the username/password granted to you from Marian University when you are granted Clinical Faculty status by our Tenure and Promotions credentialing committee. If you do not have a Marian Preceptor username/password you may contact Kailyn Anderson @

2.  A much less common way is through Open-Athens (Username/Password required). OpenAthens is an advanced access management system that simplifies access to subscription-based content by giving users a single username and password. This is a back-up access model for our partners because of IT restrictions at their provider site. Please contact Chris Bishop, Medical Librarian @ Marian University. 1-317-955-6584 or

Can I get UpToDate access?

Unfortunately, access to UpToDate is NOT permitted through the MU-COM licensing agreement. Clinical Faculty access to UpToDate is NOT provided.

Contact me for help