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MU-COM Clinical Faculty

Welcome MU-COM Clinical Faculty

Library Services - Electronic Access

In support of your service as Clinical Faculty status for MU-COM, we are pleased to offer access to library services (reference and article requests) along with a portion of our electronic library. Access to Up-To-Date is NOT permitted to all Clinical Faculty. A small portion of Clinical Faculty do fall under our contracted license with UpToDate. Questions? Contact Chris Bishop 317.955.6584

 We have a lot of electronic content that can be made available to you, supporting our educational curriculum. We have over 1,000 e-books and 1,000 e-journals available to you to aid teaching students in your office, clinic, or hospital.

Library Services - Reference/Literature Assistance

If you do not have library services with your current employer/affiliation, I will be happy to assist with literature searches (2 per month) and interlibrary loan requests. (5 articles per week)

MU-COM Preceptors requesting electronic access

The access we offer...

1.  The only access method is via the username/password granted to you from Marian University when you are granted Clinical Faculty status by our Tenure and Promotions credentialing committee. If you do not have a Marian Preceptor username/password you may contact Maxine Gries @

Can I get UpToDate access?

Unfortunately, access to UpToDate is NOT permitted through the MU-COM licensing agreement to all Clinical Faculty. However, some limited Clinical Faculty status is covered by our institutional Marian UpToDate contract through the library and Marian COM. Should you have questions about this access please feel free to contact Chris Bishop 317.955.6584 -- however it is best to note if you were not notified of UTD access at the time of your appointment - your access is probably not covered under our UTD licenses.