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Archives: Digital Collections

Marian Phoenix

The Marian Phoenix is an invaluable source of information regarding happenings at Marian college and the Indianapolis and Oldenburg communities. The news-
paper was student organized from its beginning in 1938 until its completion in the 1980s. Marian University Archives has made digitized copies available from 

Digital Collections

Marian University Digital Collections

The Marian University Archives has digitized collections for public access, which are available through the library's website

Digitized photograph collections include the Christmas Madonna Collection 1943-1966, an honored former tradition of Marian College, and a collection of the artworks on campus.

History Makers

Distinguished Leaders of Marian College

The History Makers Collection consists of portraits of distinguished leaders throughout Marian College's history. The digital collection serves as an online complement to the book History Makers: The People and Places of Marian College, with a foreword by professor emeritus of history James Divita.

Much of the history in this book was collected from Sr. Claire Whalen's seminal dissertation, Marian College, Indianapolis, Indiana: The First Quarter-Century, 1937-1962.

The Fioretti

The Fioretti is a magazine for prose and verse of the Marian community, which began in 1943. The magazine includes magnificent faculty, student, and alumni pieces, but was always edited and governed by the current student body. The Fioretti acts as the artistic complement to The Marian Phoenix, and reflects the poetic nature of Marian College's campus, all while reflecting the "little flowers" of the Fransican tradition. Volumes 1 through 59 are digitized for access