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Archives: Policies

General Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines

  • There will be no use of the archives without arranging a scheduled appointment. 
  • Absolutely no food or drink in the archives.‚Äč
  • Do not remove any item from a shelf without prior permission. 
  • No archival materials are to be taken from the archives without permission of archivist or Library Director. Copies will only be made by library staff.
  • Under no circumstances can archival materials leave the library building.
  • Use pencil and scratch paper only when taking notes.
  • It is required that you wear cotton gloves while handling photographs and negatives. Gloves will be provided upon request.
  • When you are finished working, leave archival materials on the table in good order rather than putting them back on the shelves.

Collection Development Policy

What does Marian University Archives collect?

The mission of the library at Marian University is to develop a collection which reflects the educational objectives and supports the educational and service programs of the university. The library provides a core collection of course-related materials for both undergraduate and graduate programs by acquiring materials in various formats to support the department’s curriculum and research needs. Highest consideration will be given to recommendations by faculty, staff and librarian liaisons for a department.

Marian University Archives reflects the mission of Marian University and its library, while recognizing and maintaining the history of our institution. Our archives provide a breadth of knowledge on the founding of Marian College, and our ties to the Sisters of St. Francis in Oldenburg, IN. Marian University Archives collects documents pertaining to the history of our institution, as well as the history of the founders. 

Gift Policy

Archives Gift Policy

Marian University accepts donations for archives that support the collection of Marian University’s history; however, no materials will circulate. Consideration will be given to the quality and condition of the material, with primary consideration going to those materials that directly support the institution. It is the donor’s responsibility to get the material to the library. Marian University does not pay for shipping or delivery of donations and will not send employees to pick up materials.

Material we accept:

  • Antiquarian, Rare, Collectable Books
  • DVDs, VHSs
  • Records pertaining to the history of Marian University
  • All artifacts, books, additional material pertaining to Marian University.
  • Materials pertaining to the history of the Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg, IN

Gifts are accepted with the understanding that, upon signing the Gift in Kind form, they become the property of Marian University. Marian University reserves the right to make all necessary decisions as to the use, retention, and disposal of donated items. Marian University cannot maintain separate named collections and donor restrictions cannot be honored.

Marian University, as an interested party, cannot place a monetary value on any gift; a professional appraiser must evaluate the gift if its value is over $5,000. The appraisal is the responsibility of the donor since it is the donor who benefits from the tax deduction. Marian University will provide a gift in kind form, but it is the responsibility of the donor to complete the form and forward it to the Office of Institutional Advancement. If the donor brings the completed form with the gift delivery, the library will forward it to the Office of Institutional Advancement on their behalf.


Last updated 08/07/2015

Making Copies

How do I make copies?

Please contact Lynné Colbert or ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk.

Research Requests

All research requests should be sent to Lynné Colbert. Please be specific with requests, as access to the archives is by appointment only.