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HIS 348: History of the Catholic Church in the United States of America: Journals

Course Guide for Professor Katharine Harmon

Accessing Journals

There are several ways to access journals and the subscribed content within. For browsing, using the Browzine platform is a good way to identify relevant journals and their articles within. However, Browzine is not a complete listing of electronic journals held at our library.

Use the Electronic Journals A-Z list to search for both print and electronic titles; it is a complete list of periodicals we have access to. Electronic titles will identify the database to which the content is accessible as well as the timeframe available. The same is true for print periodicals, identified by the plus mark next to the title. Print periodicals are available on the second floor of the library, in the Current and Bound sections.

Finally, both journals as well as articles can be searched for with the library catalog. An example has been provided below for accessing a comprehensive list.

Browzine - Electronic journal browse

Below is a link to access specific journals electronically under the subject for Catholicism.

Catholic Periodicals via Browzine  - works on desktop machines. Mobile users will need to download the Browzine app.

Users can simply scroll for specific subject disciplines and/or search for relevant titles. 

Consult our Browzine online tutorial for more information.


Journals A-Z List

Use our Journals A-Z list for accessing all the electronic and print journals we have available in our library, via search or browse.

Journals A-Z List

Some relevant titles might include:

Library Catalog

Perform a search in the library catalog. Be sure to click in the "description" section to access bibliographic information, specifically subject headings, relating to periodicals. Here is one subject heading search of Catholic periodicals:

Catholic periodicals via the catalog