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Spanish for Healthcare Professions

Create your Mango Account (must have your IndyPL card)

Mango App (IndyPL)

ALL Marian Students are eligible for an Indianapolis Public Library card.

1.Log into Mango with your IndyPL card information at this link.

2. Once you have logged into Mango create a username and password - this is what you will use to link to the app or use via a browser.

Mango Languages via Indianapolis Public Library is a self-paced language learning software that helps users learn practical conversations and cultural insights to communicate effectively.  It includes 70+ Foreign Languages, 20+ ESL courses, and 25+ Specialty courses, including several Medical Spanish Course Chapters!

Mango Mobile Patrons can download free apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire, synced with your IndyPL account, to take their learning with them. Mango Autoplay Mango provides continuous learning audio lessons without the need for swiping to get to the next slide. Patrons can learn a language on the go with this hands-free feature.

Marian Students: How to get your IndyPL card

All Marian Students are eligible for an IndyPL card which grants you access to their entire resource collection. As a public library they are able to offer more in-depth Learn Spanish Resources that what we can.

How do I get my IndyPL card.

1) Receive your card by visiting any IndyPL location. Bring an acceptable form of identification and complete an application to receive your card on-site.

2) Online here

3) Chris Bishop as a Marian staff member can facilitate this for you. Simply print and fill this form out and hand it to Chris and he will facilitate the transaction and your IndyPL card will be mailed to you. Important Please enter as your Mailing Address your current address! This is where your IndyPL card will be mailed to. The Street Address is more of a "back-up" or permanent address -- for instance your hometown (if applicable).

Additional IndyPL Spanish Resources