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MUShare & Scholarly Communication

MUShare - Marian University's Institutional Repository


This page provides an overview of Marian University's newly implemented institutional repository (IR) MUShare, as well as various resources related to how IRs fit within the field of scholarly communications. The purpose of MUShare is to collect works in varying formats by faculty, students, and professional staff which highlight the growth and development of scholarly pursuits within the Marian University community. In addition to highlighting the research pursuits of our faculty, MUShare has the following goals in addressing student scholarship:

  • To transform students into scholars by enabling them to become more critical producers of information, as well as consumers of information.
  • To demonstrate the impact of student scholarship beyond the classroom assignment.
  • To develop a better understanding of the evolving issues in scholarly communication, such as copyright, publishing, and peer-review.

MUShare was launched in the fall semester of 2017 and is currently accepting content for addition. Students and faculty are encouraged to contact library staff for addition of their works to the repository. This following document outlines the criteria and guidelines for submission of content. Generally, content submitted by students will require approval from a faculty advisor. Faculty are encouraged to send library staff their CV for streamlined submission of content.

Note that electronic submission via PDF is the official format in which main documents (though Word or RTF files are acceptable for supplementary materials) are added and stored in MUShare.  Marian University Libraries currently does not accept print editions for archiving.  

MUShare Submission Guidelines

Any questions can be directed to library staff at