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Racial Injustice - Tool Kit to Aid the Black Community

For the Black Community

    • Whatever that looks like, and if you need to explore to find it, now is the time
  • Take all the space or none of the space you need. Don’t be afraid to TAKE A BREAK.
  • Don’t feel pressured to speak
  • Find outlets and space where your input matters
  • Don’t feel pressured to carry the Black voice at work or in the classroom
  • Don’t take more burden on than you can carry
  • Find a comfortable support system and community, don’t battle alone
  • If you feel the need to protest, please be safe and make sure those around are there for the same purpose
  • Know what your triggers are
  • Create boundaries

Tips to Practice While Protesting

  • Stay hydrated
  • Dress for weather
  • Bring supplies such as: masks, hand sanitizer, milk, food and first aid
  • Inform an emergency contact
  • Know your area and surroundings
  • Designate rally points with group members
  • Maintain situational awareness and maintain social distance
  • Pay attention to suspicious people, packages and vehicles
  • Stay away from trash cans and mailboxes
  • Find cover or conceal yourself in the event of immediate threat
  • In the event of chemical agents, cover your face and move upwind
  • If there’s an explosion, exit quickly and safely 

Tips to Actively Protest from Home

  • Promote protest and informational updates in your area
  • Offer supplies to protesters
  • Volunteer your services, skills, and talents for protesters (make flyers, legal services, babysitting)
  • Contact government officials and advocate