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This guide links you directly to library resources and tips to help you with your BUS209 Secondary Market Research project. You can view additional resources at the Business & Management Research Guide.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a research help meeting, email Jessica at


Types of Sources in Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete contains articles from many types of sources. When you type in search terms and receive results, pay special attention to the date the information was published (is it current enough?) and the source type.

Once you're viewing your search results, you can limit what you're seeing by using options on the left side of the screen:


Search Strategies

Use the database Business Source Complete (see link below) to search for articles.

Use and combine search terms that might appear in articles that you wish to find. Some examples of search terms (taken from your assignment) are:

  • (company/organization name)
  • best practices
  • marketing
  • fundraising
  • events
  • recruitment
  • participation rates

You may need to combine search terms by clicking Advanced Search (under the search box). For example, the search below will return all articles that contain the word ethics AND the word recruitment. The search terms don't have to appear next to each other.


Continue adding, subtracting, and changing search terms until you find articles that address your topic.


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Citing Your Sources (APA)

Once you're viewing an article in Business Source Complete, you should see an icon that looks like a little gold paper on the right side of the screen:

When you click on the icon, the database will attempt an APA citation for your References page. It's your responsibility to make sure that the information and formatting are accurate, but this is a great start! Remember, you still need to cite your sources in the text of your report. Purdue OWL is a great source of information for formatting in-text citations.