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ICM: EBM Lab Guide : Intro to Evidence Based Medicine

EBM Lab Guide

Use the links on the left to make your way through the EBM Lab. 

1. Take the In-Class Readiness Quiz

2. Spread out and break up into your predefined groups and select somebody who is going to be the official recorder for the group.

3. Each group read through the case individually and break it down into a PICO format. 

4. As a group come together and construct your clinical question

5. As a group determine who in each group is going to search what level of evidence and what resource/database for your clinical question.

6. Be sure to note on your lab worksheet your PICO, clinical question and what resource you are searching.

7. Record what you found, didn't find, found confusing, helpful, easy, throughout this process on the lab worksheet.

The 6S Model of Pre-appraised EBM Resources